Removal of Travellers from a popular city Park

Able Investigations’ team of enforcement officers recently assisted with the removal of a group of travellers who settled in a family park in Plymouth as requested by Plymouth City Council.

Plymouth City Council quickly responded to reports of the encampment, telling the group to vacate the park by 1 pm on Wednesday the 16th of August. The park, known locally as Tippy Park, is popular with Plymouth families and contains a children’s playground and picnic benches. It’s close proximity to the city centre makes it a target for settlements, with the last traveller encampment being moved on from the park two months prior to the most recent group.Joining forces with local police and council staff, our team of bailiffs were successfully enforced a possession order and removed a group of caravans who set up camp in Trefusis Park in Lower Compton, Plymouth.After the travellers were moved on from the site, the council worker then had the unpleasant job of clearing up the mess and litter that was left behind, which included bikes, tree stumps, garden rubble, and general rubbish.If you are dealing with the difficult issue of travellers occupying your land and require a professional and experienced team of enforcement officers to assist in their removal, then contact Able Investigations. Once instructed, we can assist with the removal and quickly help you regain control of your land. We can even help with the clean-up process post-eviction. For more information about our services or to request quick assistance with a current issue, please get in touch by sending us a message or calling 0845 370 7401