The Problem of Having Protesters in Your Business

As we live in a democratic country, protests that are carried within the letter of the law and expressions of freedom of speech are allowed and a right of all British citizens. While many protests are peaceful and a way for people to get their message across in a dignified manner, many others are not.

As a businessowner, it is justified to be concerned about the potential damage protesters could cause if they choose to march or for a picket line in and around your premises. In the following post we are not only going to look at the potential risks involved and why they happen, but what can be done about to protect your business from protesters if they do escalate.

Understanding the Risks Protesters Pose to Businesses

Your business, like many others, could have the problem of the two main kinds of protests there are, illegitimate and legitimate protests. As the name suggests, illegitimate protesters are those that are arranged and take place without any involvement of the local authorities. Their whole concept is to cause as much disturbance to specific business or businesses and organisations overall and can often lead to vandalism. protesters in your business

Although we noted at the outset that some protests are held with the okay from the local authorities, they can still go awry, if individual protesters or larger groups deviate from the planned route and turn it into an illegitimate protest.

The kind of affect protests and the individuals participating can have on businesses varies from slight disturbances and inconveniences to huge disruptions and very real threats of damage and violence. It may be the goal to damage the financial side or reputation of a business, but it could just as easily be an attempt to attack the people.

Which Businesses Face the Most Risks?

Generally, the businesses that are most at risk from problems related to protesters are those who are based in areas that could make them targets or if they have any involvement in what’s being protested. Companies involved in animal testing and research, for example are at risk from those protesting against cruelty to animals, whereas an anti-capitalist group or protest may target a financial organisation like a bank that it holds responsible.

Of course, you don’t even have to be directly involved in the problems and your business could be targeted just from association or being part of a bigger conglomerate.

How You Can Reduce the Risk Or Remove Protesters

The best way to reduce the risks or remove protesters from your business is working with a company like Able Investigations who can help by providing enforcement services to protect and remove any protesters and activists from your business or land.

Our team has years of experience in removing protesters, for help with protesters, get in touch with our team by calling 0845 370 7401 or email us at and we will get back to your as soon as we can.


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