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Able Investigations provides top-quality security guarding services in Manchester and across the North West region. With highly trained security officers and staff, we offer a wide range of security services to bring peace of mind to individuals, businesses, and events in the area.

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Professional Security Services in Manchester

As one of the leading security companies operating in Manchester, we understand the importance of keeping people and property safe. Our security guards are licensed by the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and have the proper SIA licences and training to provide professional manned guarding and mobile security patrols.

All of our security staff undergo rigorous training to attain the skills needed to handle any security situation. This includes tactical training for riots, surveillance methods, and techniques for de-escalating conflict. 

We work closely with law enforcement personnel to ensure our guards in Manchester understand proper protocols for citizens arrests and upholding relevant security legislation.

At Able Investigations, our officers are not only trained to handle day-to-day surveillance, entry regulation, and keeping the peace, but for any situations which may involve conflict.

Able Security guards have a full understanding of the law, a wealth of experience in contentious situations, and the knowledge to reduce the risk of disturbance, injury or complications.

Fully Trained SIA Security Guards

Just some of the training our security guards receive includes:

  • Tactical training for situations such as stadium riots and money surveilance
  • Level 2 BTEC in handcuffing with restraint techniques
  • Specialist support from a retired Police Support Unit Trainer
  • Instruction on any legislation relevant to events, citizens arrests, and interacting with the public

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As an organisation, we work in accordance with SIA Regulatory & Principle and are members of both the Institute of Conflict Managment and EX-Police in Commerce & Industry. We are additionally approved contractors of the Security Industry Authority.

Event, Venue, and Retail Security

With years of experience providing security in Manchester and the greater Manchester area, Able Investigations has the qualified security team to handle events of all sizes. 

From concerts and festivals to sporting events and nightclubs, our guards have extensive experience in venue security and crowd management. Their presence helps maintain order and prevent any disturbances.

For businesses and retail spaces, our trained security officers provide key holding, access control, and alarm response services. Having a security presence deters theft and vandalism, while rapid alarm response helps minimise losses. Security staff can also enforce safety policies, which is important for insurance purposes.

Further Security Services

In addition to manned guarding, we offer security services like mobile patrols to check perimeters and identify potential threats. Our security guards in Manchester provide complete proactive monitoring to stop incidents before they occur. They are attentive to any suspicious activity and quick to address issues.


For any situation that requires security enforcement or surveillance, Able Investigations has the trained security personnel to handle it. Our security team has experience securing construction sites, vacant properties, dangerous events, and more. Their presence brings peace of mind that people and assets are protected.

“Can we pass on our sincere thanks and best wishes to all of your officers who were a credit to your company in the face of vile comments and threats.  Their professionalism throughout was very much appreciated, and we will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others in similar circumstances.”

-Alex G, H&G Hollinshead
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Security teams for Greater Manchester and Beyond

As leading security services providers in Manchester, we are proud to deliver the highest level of protection for any security need. Our SIA licensed guards are professional, courteous, and effective at their jobs. Get in touch today to learn more about our manned guarding, mobile patrols, and customised security solutions. Calling 0345 366 0000 or emailing us will connect you with our experienced security staff.

From securing large events and venues to providing personal protection, our security services in Manchester provide complete peace of mind. With SIA licensed security guards and years of experience under our belt, Able Investigations delivers seamless security that meets the highest industry standards. We operate across the North West region for all your security needs.

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