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Minimising the risk of re-entry

Whether a landlord recovers possession of commercial premises as a result of Court proceedings or by relying on powers given in the lease agreement (such as forfeiture of the lease and peaceable re-entry for rent arrears) it is important to make sure that the tenant can’t then effect further access (re-entry) to the premises. Not […]

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Able Investigations remove aggressive travellers from car park in Aust

On Tuesday, Able Investigations successfully managed to move a number of travellers from an insurance brokers’ car park. The group of 26 caravans were based on the private land, located near the M48 Severn Crossing, after they settled there on Monday evening. Having previously evicted the group from the BAE site in Filton earlier in […]

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Preventing re-entry after eviction

After evicting illegal occupants from your property, it can be distressing if they return. When evicting illegal occupants or squatters, you need to ensure you carry out all the necessary lawful procedures. Following these correctly and efficiently will ensure that access to your property does not re-occur and protects your property effectively. (more…)

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