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How do travellers find land to squat on?

As a landowner, you may be worried about the possibility of gypsies and travellers eyeing your land to squat on. If travellers set up their encampment on private land, it is the responsibility of the owner to remove them, as the council only gets involved when they are camped on council-owned land. With this in […]

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Dealing with protestors on your land

All democratic societies embrace the right to peaceful protest and our country is no exception. It is perfectly legal for people to gather and express their views as long as they are not breaking any law(s). For example, if the gathering descends into a situation where the rights of others are being infringed upon, then […]

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Evicting in Public Places

Parks, carparks and common areas open to the public are often prime locations for travellers and protestors to set up camp, which of course can be incredibly disruptive to local businesses and residents. If you are responsible for the management and maintenance of a public place and discover it has recently become occupied, then it’s […]

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